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Buy Fireworks

However you want to buy fireworks Total Fireworks have at covered!

Fireworks in many people’s eyes are a generic product, and in all reality it makes little difference where they are purchased, and I will be honest, in many circumstances they may be right! If all that a customer requires from their purchase is for some 'light', maybe some colour and the odd pop from time to time, almost any firework is likely to 'fit the bill'. Most fireworks in the UK these days will light without too many difficulties and function as we all would expect but that is where the similarities between high and poor quality fireworks ends. When we start to look in more detail about the colour brightness and variety (note: it is cheap to use only red, green and silver in manufacture), the duration the effects hang in the sky, the size of the burst in the sky and the variety / uniqueness of these effects, things can look very different indeed from one manufacturer to another. So from this we can gauge that all brands of retail fireworks have a valued place in the UK fireworks market however they are purchased. It is simply down to the customers’ requirements and perceptions that dictates which fireworks and which brand would be most suited.

A great way to find out before making a purchase, what you with experience whenthe firework is lit is through video and here at Total Fireworks we have video for almost all the items we sell.... enjoy!

Below is a video of the Caged Tiger barrage, it is manufactured by a company call Total FX Fireworks, and represents probably the best individual firework we sell and it is comfortably our bestselling large firework but it has the price tag to match!!

So how should you go about purchasing, online fireworks, retail fireworks or back of a lorry?  Well, all these  routes have a series of pro and cons and I will look to highlight these below and you will see it is often lead by the customer, as it should be.

Independent Firework Shops

Pros - Good advice and knowledge, instant service and generally a large selection.

Cons - Regularly not open throughout the year.

General Retailers

Pros - Often family oriented and will often have convenient parking.

Cons - In general will only sell in the 4 weeks prior to Nov 5th and New if you are lucky! They often purchase the products that offer them the best profit margin rather than the best products. Often a lack of advice and knowledge is available. Quite often it might be a small selection to choose from.

Back of a lorry / pub car park / car boor sale

Pros - Can be cheap.

Cons - Generally poor advice and knowledge is available, the providence of the product could be questioned, nagging question over its legality, has it been properly tested and classified by the HSE, if there is a problem/fault there is almost no chance of gaining a refund or compensation.

Online Fireworks

Pros - Available all year round next day delivery, generally a large selection, good advice and knowledge although this is phone call / e-mail away. Easy to sort through products and promotions, video available to see the fireworks in action! Easier to make a logical buying decision and stick to a budget. Don't need to drive anywhere to select or collect.

Cons - Someone over the age of 18 has to be available to accept delivery. There can be a delivery charge.


In summary however you decide to buy fireworks whether they be online fireworks or retail fireworks always read the instructions, treat them with respect and have a wonderful party!!!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.